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Juice Plus Opportunity Overview

Juice Plus is a branded line of dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juice extracts fortified with vitamins and nutrients.

Juice Plus is international and includes countries; such as, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

Juice Plus Opportunity:

Business Model:

- Provides products
- Offers a system of sharing product using the Juice Plus Virtual Franchisees
- Offers free admistration, back-office for Juice Plus Distributors to use.
- Offers support and training materials, innovative marketing programs, and assistance from experienced professionals.
- Provides a lucrative compensation plan

Juice Plus products are promoted by individual distributors who receive sales commissions ranging from 6%, by enrolling five customers in 30 days, to 14% for enrolling twenty customers in 30 days.

Getting Started:

It costs $50.00 to submit and application and have 140 BV on autoship.

Below are five steps that Juice Plus recommends you do, if you want to build a successful Juice Plus business.

1. Become a Juice Plus Preferred Customer:
2. Submit a Juice Plus Virtual Franchise Application
3. 10-1-10
4. 5-1
5. Duplicate Steps 1-4.

Building a Juice Plus business starts with the Juice Plus products.

Next, you apply, what is referred to as, the NSA Virtual Franchise system to attract Juice Plus customers and business builders. The system is as follows:

1. Share your enthusiasm about Juice Plus to your patients, clients, or customers.
2. Ask them to listen to a Juice Plus audiotape, video, or CD.
3. Let your Wellness Coordinator do the rest.

To explain this step, once you have shared the audiotape, video or CD, contact your Wellness Coordinator every day by phone, fax, or email and give them the names and phone numbers of the people you have spoken with. The Wellness Coordinator follows up on your behalf to "close the deal" and get them started as Juice Plus Preferred Customer.

Often, your Wellness Coordinator is the sponsor or someone you choose, such as your office manager or another individual who works with you.

You earn $20 retail profit for every new Juice Plus Preferred Customer and the same $20 for each subsequent reorder. Juice Plus takes care of shipping the products, billing your customer, and collecting the money and paying you automatically every month.

- In the beginning, part of your retail profit is automatically paid to your Wellness Coordinator with your first order. The important thing is to stay in contact with your customer duing their first 100 days on Juice Plus.

- Starting the second reorder, all of the retail profits remain with you. At this point, the Wellness Coordinator remains focused on the new customers you continue to send his or her way. As you continue to add new Juice Plus customers, you automatically qualify to earn commissions along with yoru retail profit.

- Commissions are based on how much business you accumulate over time.

- You build your business and qualify for commissions at your own pace. Juice Plus keeps track of the business you build and accumulate, automatically.

- Once you have started earning a commission, you remain there, you never have to re-qualify for that commission level again.

Juice Plus Products:

Juice Plus Chewables: capsules in a chewable form. Deliver the same fruit and vegetable powder blends.

Juice Plus Vineyard Blend: provides naturally balanced whole food based on nutrition from Concord grapes and eight different berries (blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, bilberry, raspberry, red currant, black currant , and elderberry.

Juice Plus Complete: is a whole food based beverage product that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop. It can be used in any number of ways; such as, on-the-go breakfast, pre-exercise energy drink, post-workout recovery drink, or a late night snack. Comes in French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate.

Juice Plus Compensation Plan:

Fast Track Program:

The key to succeed in Juice Plus it to be consistent in your marketing efforts, which means to consistently continue talking to a few people ever day. To encourage this activity during your first 60 days in the business, Juice Plus offers a special "Fast Track" program.

- First you become a Preferred Customer
- Next, you generate 20 Juice Plus customers during your first 60 days in the business (approx. 2-3 customers per week). With Fast Track you can earn 14% commission level, in addition to your retail profit. This raises your profits to almost $34.00 a carton ( the $20 retail profits plust approximately $14 in commissions).

There are 7 levels in Juice Plus: Junior Associate, Associate, Managing Associate, Diamond Executive Leader, Double Diamond Leader, and Triple Diamond Leader.

Commissions earned include: bonus commission based on group volume, Quick Start Bonus, and Personal Purchase Rebate.

Those who are Diamond Executive Leader or above can earn 2% Leadership Bonus paid to infinity,

A Double Diamond Leader can earn, in addition to the above compensation, a $500 Dream Bonus.

A Triple Diamond Leader, in addition to above compensation, can earn 2% Leadership Bonus and participate in Revenu Sharing Bonus with other Triple Diamonds (equal to 0.5 of 1% of global net revenue sales paid monthly

Juice Plus Training:

Juice Plus talks a lot about sharing the experience of the juice products with others and getting them to try the products. For the most part, this does not work. What most MLM's and network companies share with their members are essentially what has worked for them to make them successful, not what will work for you.

Most MLM's and network marketing companies know that many will drop out, but there will be others who will remain and continue using the products, which helps the to generate a lucrative profit. The members of these companies are never informed of this by these companies and it stands to reason why; they are the ones making the money. If they told the members of their company what they are doing and why, more than likely, their profits would be substantially less because so many have left.

If you are struggling in Juice Plus, it is not your fault. In fact, most people starting a business will end up with credit card debt, feel frustrated, and eventually quit. I am sure those who have quit did everything their upline told them.

The reality is, there is no way you can become successful chasing after family and friends. This would require you to meet 30 new people every day. Although not impossible, I have met a few who have accomplished this and gone on to become millionaires, but most of us cannot do this due to personal responsibilites, etc.

The key to success in any MLM or network marketing business is to learn how to attract people to YOU. This means stop promoting the products and opportunity of your home business and start promoting you by providing value to others. The value I am referring to is help other network marketers with their business and you will find them seeking you out for more information. In time they will be chasing you with credit card in hand.

Begging and chasing people down is not the way to build a business. You don't see Wal-Mart, Target, or any of these other big companies chasing people down, so why are you? With the proper skills you will discover ways to attract people to you in Juice Plus.

Making a six-figure income in your Juice Plus opportunity is very possible. You just have to understand the principles of attraction marketing. If you want to learn, fill out the form below and you will be well on your way to discovering the tools and strategies that will help to explode your bottom line. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. This could be your one golden nugget that could put you on the path to success in your Juice Plus opportunity.

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