Friday, 16 September 2011

Entering a Quilt Show

Want to enter your quilt in a show? They are fun to enter. Even though entry rules vary, there are three rules that you must get right.

  1. Entry FORMS as well as an entry FEE and a PHOTOGAPH must be received by a specified deadline. But, don’t wait until one week before the deadline as there is generally a limit on the total number of quilts accepted. So, early is good. If accepted, you will receive a notice of your ‘confirmation of exhibit’ notification along with shipping instructions.

  2. Most shows require that your quilt is a first-time entrant, clean, free of smoke or any other odor and constructed of fabric within the last 5-years.

  3. All entries must have a hanging sleeve with a 4-inch opening attached to the back of the quilt at the top edge. This allows for the exhibit to be hung.

The show organizers decide what emphasis is to be placed on workmanship, design and technique application. The three-Judge panel is certified and all ribbon awards are granted at their discretion. Generally, a participation ribbon, commemorative quilt label, along with plus or minus improvement comments, will be granted to all entrants. This is a good tool on which to improve your skill level for future entries.When you enter any quilt show, whether that is a small or big event, regard the experience as an educational experience. Anything else is icing on the cake. All quilts are judged against all the other quilts in the same category for that particular show. So, your odds of winning the Best-of-Show depend entirely on the other quilts entered into that particular competition. Any quilt show provides a wonderful opportunity to see and compare patterns, techniques, styles, color combinations, and quilted pieces of all varieties. Go ahead, enter and show your peers how your skills have improved.Competition is a warm and natural process in the learning arena. No two quilters will see a pattern or even an idea in exactly the same way. Broaden your horizon by seeing all kinds of quilts and to learn from the judges’ critiques of your work.About Author: Alice and Jenene would love you to show off your prize quilts in their quilt gallery on their site

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