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Sue Garman Quilt Designs

Sue Garman quilt patterns will delight quilters of all ages and all levels of quilting experience. Sue Garman quilt patterns will also delight everyone who sees the quilted creation because she truly does offer something for everyone!

Sue Garman quilt patterns often make use of appliqué. Applique is a sewing technique in which a design is stitched on top of another piece of fabric, usually using an appliqué stitch, blanket stitch, zig zag or satin stitch. Garman says that appliqué is her favorite technique, but she also likes intricate piece quilting.

One of the Sue Garman quilt patterns that immediately comes to mind is "The Monster Quilt." It would be a perfect gift for a child who is afraid of monsters under the bed as this Sue Garman quilt pattern brings the monsters to the top of the colorful designs on the quilt top. In addition to the monsters that are appliquéd to the top of the quilt, Garman has designed a whimsical verse into the quilt's border.

Another of the beautiful Sue Garman quilt patterns is "Mama Said." Each block features a design and a special thought of all the ideals your own mother probably instilled in you: share, care, learn, play, love, hope, believe, dream and laugh. Once again, Garman captured an ordinary segment of every day life and transformed it into an extraordinary quilt to be enjoyed by many future generations.

Sue Garman quilt patterns are not all whimsical. Some have a very traditional feel. "Floating Stars" and "Cotton Candy" are examples of quilts that recall the quilt patterns from long ago. "Floating Stars" is actually one of the Sue Garman quilt patterns that is a replica of a Civil War era quilt.

There are several free downloadable Sue Garman quilt patterns available online. Use your favorite search engine to see what's out there. Sue Garman quilt patterns are also available in most quilt shops and in bookstores that carry her books.

One of the free Sue Garman quilt patterns posted on the Internet is called "Mother Goose and Friends." Garman's design features Mary with her little lamb, a very nimble Jack jumping over a candlestick, a likewise nimble cow jumping over the moon, and a frightened Little Miss Muffet, among other Mother Goose classic characters. This quilt would be the perfect addition to any nursery and would become a family heirloom.

When you want to learn more about the world of Sue Garman quilt patterns, consider reading words from Garman herself. Garman has a blog in which she shares her thoughts, tips and details about her latest projects.

Garman has loved quilting since learning the art as a child from her grandmother. Since then, she has entered a number of quilting shows. Sue Garman quilt patterns have won various quilt competitions. Garman has won honors from the International Quilt Association and has won "Best of Show" at the Houston, Texas, livestock show and rodeo. Sue Garman quilt patterns have also been published in books authored by the quilting designer herself.

Garman is retired and taking more time to enjoy her appliqué and quilting hobbies. In her previous work life, Garman was a CPA and a former associate director of Johnson Space Center in Houston. She also served as a former deputy chief of staff of NASA. Now, in retirment, Garman is making time to design more quilt patterns and enjoys sharing her knowledge with other quilters. Retirement is giving Garman the opportunity to share her quilting knowledge by presenting more lectures about quilting and to create more Sue Garman quilt designs.


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