Friday, 16 September 2011

Various Sizes of Rag Quilts - Directions to figure sizes

Rag quilts come in all different sizes. The rag quilt size can change a lot depending onwhat you plan to use it for. In other words, creating a rag quilt to use as a lap blanket is dramatically different than making one to fit a king-sized bed. Also, whatever your target rag quilt size, you will want to figure in seam allowance (the space between the stitching and the edge of the piece of fabric) and the possibility of shrinkage from washing.We have a comprehensive rag quilt website located here ------> Hand Made Rag Quilt Directions that you can visit to learn much more about rag quilts, including care, sizes, and even rag quilt directions for making your own!For a lap quilt the size can obviously vary quite a bit, but they are typically medium-sized quilts. You might try for one that is about 3 feet by 5 feet, or 36 inches by 60 inches. If the rag quilt is going to be for a baby, you should try to find out the dimensions of his or her crib. A usual crib mattress is approximately 28 inches by 54 inches, so you should make the quilt size similar to that--but you will probably want to subtract some of the length and add it to the width, if you want the rag quilt to be tucked in on the sides.This applies to other bed sizes as well. Decide whether the quilt is just going to be on top of the bed, or whether it needs to have enough length to cover the pillows and tuck in to the foot. The same goes for the width. For quilts that will hang over the edge of the mattress, add about an extra 20 inches to each measurement.To be on the safe side, a good recommendation is to be in the habit of always measureing the mattress yourself, to make sure you have accurate dimensions.For a twin size bed,you will need the quilt to be about 65 inches by 88 inches. A king size bed should measure at least 104 inches by 93 inches.For more detailed rag quilt directions, visit our website where we teach you more about how to make rag quilts, how to care for them, and so much more. Our website can be found by following this link -----> Hand Made Rag Quilt DirectionsOther sites worth visiting:Rag Quilt informationRag Quilts 4UMore Rag Quilt DirectionsRag Quilt Directions - Approximate Sizes of Various Sized QuiltsThank you for reading my article!

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