Thursday, 25 August 2011

Does Spirulina Help You Lose Weight?

Does Spirulina Help You Lose Weight?

Our modern diet is driven by the appetites generated by consumer advertising. Many people are sold on fast convenience foods - usually rich in fats, carbohydrates and sugar, and low in natural vegetables and fiber. These foods typically increase body weight, raise cholesterol levels, and worsen digestive and colon problems in later years. We often eat food in the wrong combinations, or out of compulsion or nervousness, and do not heed our true appetite signals.

A more natural diet satisfies hunger because it satisfies the body's real hunger for nutrition. Spirulina is a very concentrated natural food. As part of a wholesome natural food diet , it can help restore natural body weight. Many people use it along with a low carbohydrate diet and exercise to eat lighter meals and avoid fattening snacks.

If you integrate spirulina into your diet, it can help in bringing your body fat back to an optimal healthy level. Taking one heap of spirulina powder (about 5 grams) or a teaspoonful of spirulina extract an hour before your meal will help satisfy most of your body's appetite. It is not much of an appetite suppressant but it offers you concentrated and easy to digest nutrition that truly fills your body's every need.

Because metabolism and biochemistry are different for each person, weight loss results may differ. Track your weight over several weeks. If you want to strengthen your program, increase the amount of spirulina slowly in order to eat lighter meals. It is important to eat regular nutritious meals.

Slow but steady weight loss is desirable. Often dieters are able to stabilize their body weight at a more ideal lower level. Spirulina can help us remember the wisdom of a natural diet. Most of all, it helps us to lighten up, and provides the energy to make the switch from a bulky unhealthy diet to lighter, more powerful nutrient rich foods.

It's not an appetite suppressant. It contains no drugs that trick the body. Yet, many people find taking a few tablets or a spirulina drink an hour before mealtime can help satisfy appetite, so they eat less. We know when we're going to be hungry, so just plan ahead. Because it's rich in iron, often deficient in women on low calorie diets, spirulina is ideal support for any diet. Best of all, it helps us to lighten up and make the switch from a bulky diet to lighter, more powerful foods.

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