Thursday, 25 August 2011

Obama's Generous Stimulus Package Helps Mothers Go Back to School Through Scholarships

The economy is stalling, while debt is accelerating. Sounds like a disaster. But perhaps it is not as dramatic as it sounds. An already overworked mom can let financial drama be a sudden defeat. Or hardy and hearty moms can take a proactive position, and get their lives on a new path to success. Scholarships for Moms is one vehicle to help old slow pokes merge onto the 21st century highway of knowledge. Everyone in these penny watching times can benefit from an attitude adjustment hint from President Obama. Moms of America, the message is for you: do yourself what no one else is going to take care of for you. Set new and better priorities. Consider your future and that of your family. And get busy getting better educated.

There has never been a more appropriate time to go back to school. Thanks to Obama's generous stimulus package, there is a lot of money available for education, as well as other social programs. Some of it is directly targeted to help families in various ways. This doesn't mean that you're going to get rich applying for aid. And no one is saying that federal money is going to solve all your financial worries overnight. What Obama's plan does do, however, is offer a better and smarter future for individuals and for America, by encouraging people to upgrade their skills and improve their outlook. Scholarships for Moms targets the most important group of individuals who help build this nation: the mothers of our children. Better educated mothers equals better educated sons and daughters. This is a good investment.

The program does not come easy, though, and it certainly is not cheap. Scholarships for Moms isn't free for moms, anymore than it is free for taxpayers. It will take hard work, prioritized time, and some sacrifices. Household budgets will be adjusted, and the national budget will ebb and flow along with these changes. People may not like how this feels at first, because change is always difficult. But, in the long term, Obama's plan for a better educated workforce of moms will take us all to the next level. That is the most quietly dramatic effect of all.

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