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Folic Acid For Pre Pregnancy Days – Your Best Insurance Cover

Folic acid is one medicine, which must be included as a food supplement in the diet of all would-be mothers. It is the best medicine for pre pregnancy care. Folic acid helps in preventing brain and spine defects in the newborn baby. Folic acid, also known as folate, helps in developing the spine and the skull of the fetus. Folic acid is necessary for the blood and protein production in the baby. Enzyme functioning is also dependent on folic acid. In order to have healthy blood cells in the baby, a pregnant women must take a dose of 400mg of folic acid for pre-pregnancy days. On doctor's recommendation, women should start taking folic acid three months before pregnancy and continue until the end.

Foods And Their Supplements

Foods such as bread, green leafy vegetables, French beans, and fortified breakfast cereals are good sources of folic acid. Citrus fruits are rich in folic acid along with fruit juices, berries and grapefruit, cantaloupe, banana etc. Besides, peanuts, whole grains, enriched pasta and white flour are also good sources of folic acid.

Mother's At Risk

It is important for women with neural tube defect or women suffering from epilepsy or those with diabetes are at risk of having NTD babies. They should take precaution in the pre conception stage and work on the advice of their personal physician. They should take proper dose of folic acid during pregnancy planning so that the baby' s brain develops fully and there is no fear of Spina bifidia. The fear of NTD, which causes loss of control in the lower part of the body of the baby remains only in the first 30 days. Conception planning is necessary in such cases, and with proper doses of folic acid, chances of NTD reduce considerably. It is much easier to take supplements of folic acid than food intake.

Significance Of A Diet Plan

It is important to mention here that it is utterly necessary to adhere to a well-balanced pregnancy diet plan, which includes calcium, all vitamins, milk and milk products besides including a diet of fish like salmon and sardine and tofu. All pregnant women must include folic acid for pre-pregnancy days. Do not miss broccoli and spinach both rich in vitamin B. All these supplements have their own significance. Calcium develops the bones and the teeth - what ever is white in the body. Iron is required during pre-pregnancy to prevent anemia and for proper production of red blood corpuscles. Iron can be sourced from red meat, fortified powder drinks, breads, cereals, dry fruits, and nuts.

Therefore, you are well advised to consult your nutritionist as soon as you decide to get pregnant. On the advice of the consultant start your diet and nutrition planning right away and take proper supplements of folic acid for pre pregnancy days. Pre pregnancy care is required to sustain pregnancy. Try to maintain body weight by proper diet and limited exercise. Eat only healthy food and shun junk food.

Women desirous of having babies in the later stage of life as well as women who have more weight should take proper doses of folic acid for pre pregnancy days and follow it up during the entire length of pregnancy. This way they can eliminate chances of neural defects in their babies. Follow the instruction of your physical consultant at every step. Moreover, try to avoid smoking, drug abuse and alcohol. Avoid hazards of all kinds at office and at home and constantly be concerned for the safety of the child you are about to deliver.

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